In this week's newsletter for TNM members, we talk about parents' insistence on 'using' children's time, why so few women are in politics, and more.

Heres the thing We dont need no education
Product Newsletter Friday, May 22, 2020 - 16:17

We're in the middle of a...we're sure everyone knows how that sentence will end. But pandemic or no pandemic, Indian parents are worried about the same things – exams, report cards and absolute perfection in their children.

I recently had to sit through a parent-teacher online session, reporting on all the 'productive' things that my second standard child had managed to do in the lockdown period. Had she done her push-ups and stretches as required by the school's sports teacher, who had also bombarded us with a workout log? Had she completed all the worksheets sent by the class teacher in different subjects? Was she using her time to learn something new and fancy? Had she contributed to the upkeep of the nation by doing her duties as an eight-year-old citizen?

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