news Friday, May 08, 2015 - 05:30

Those mourning the initial conviction of Salman Khan are not only from India.

Across the border, the “Sialkoti Salman Khan” from Pakistan couldn’t bear to see his counterpart from India being sentenced to five years in prison on Wednesday.

According to a report by the Daily Pakistan, Husnain Ahmad, Khan’s lookalike approached a police station in Sialkot to have himself arrested citing Khan’s arrest in Mumbai as something he wished to emulate too.

When police officials refused to arrest him saying that he had done nothing wrong, Ahmad reportedly said, “I shall also go through the same pain as the real Salman Khan.”

When the reporter told him that the “real” Salman had been released on bail, Ahmad was overjoyed. And after giving the reporter a hug, he was out of the frame in a jiffy.

Here is the video. 

And here he is, expressing his grief on Khan's conviction. 


Pakistani Salman Khan reaction on Actor Salman... by pkpoliticseleven