Komal’s body is very weak and her immune system is failing. She has developed several infections and needs immediate supportive care.

Help Komal She is just 6 years old and her cancer has relapsed you can help her
Tuesday, July 24, 2018 - 08:50


If you think being diagnosed with cancer is hard on a three-year-old child, imagine how she would feel when it relapses, when she is barely six?

Life has never been easy for Komal Chavan. She had just learned how to speak properly when she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, a rare type of life-threatening cancer. “Our entire world came crashing down with that diagnosis and all the joy and happiness left our little family. Doctors told us that my daughter was critical and needed immediate medical attention,” recounts her father Ravindra Chavan.

Komal went through several rounds of painful chemotherapy and intensive induction therapy. After several months of living in constant fear of losing their daughter, when Komal started showing signs of recovery, her parents were ecstatic to hear that their daughter had beaten the illness.

However, their happiness was short-lived. She had a relapse. You can help Komal, donate here.

Right before her sixth birthday, when Komal and her family were looking forward to a day of joy and happiness, she had a relapse - the cancer was back and it was much worse than before. The family had to brace themselves for a repeat of the painful years. They had to move to Mumbai for her treatment from Aurangabad, where Ravindra’s old and ailing parents are now living alone. 

Komal’s body was very weak and her immune system was failing. She developed several infections and needed immediate supportive care. Doctors told us that her only hope was to get a bone marrow transplant, a very expensive procedure which requires Rs. 14 lakhs. Help Komal, donate here.

“Komal is our only daughter and means the world to us. She is only six years old and has gone through so much. We thought we would lose her the first time but she fought against all odds. We are just praying that she beats cancer again,” Ravindra says. He works as a labourer and earns only Rs. 8,000 every month. “This money is barely enough to feed my family of five and leaves very little in terms of savings. What little money we did have was used up in Komal’s first round of treatments,” he laments.

“I do not want to see my daughter suffering and I am turning to you for help, please donate to save my daughter’s life,” Ravindra says.

To help Komal and her family, you can donate here.

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