Ahamed's daughter said, "Unfortunately, I cannot not see any professional behaviour. This is completely unprofessional."

Have a right to see my father E Ahameds family emotional after permission denied to see him
news News Wednesday, February 01, 2017 - 07:30

The death of political stalwart and Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) president E Ahamed and the way the government has dealt with it, has resulted in more than one controversy.

The government has come under severe criticism, for going ahead with the budget though a sitting member has passed away during the time of the session. 

Opposition parties like the Congress, the Left, and even NDA allies like Shiv Sena had asked the government to call off the budget presentation. 

While the parties are miffed with the government, E Ahamed's family say they were heartbroken by how they were treated. 

The seven-time Member of Parliament from Kannur collapsed in the Parliament house on Tuesday afternoon, and was rushed to the Ram Manohar Lohia hospital in New Delhi.

Though he was admitted to the trauma care unit, the family has alleged that the doctors did not share any details with them or his colleagues.

One of the few visitors allowed inside during the day was Jitendra Singh, a senior BJP politician and Minister of State, Prime Minister's Office. 

After his visit, no one was allowed to see E Ahamed. Things took a dramatic turn in the evening when Ahamed's children and relatives, Naseer Ahamed, Rayees Ahamed, Dr Fousia and Babu Shehzad protested against the hospital's attitude.

By night, Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Vice-president Rahul Gandhi, Ghulam Nabi Azad, Ahmed Patel and others rushed to the hospital, demanding that the family be allowed to visit Ahamed.

Though Sonia Gandhi was seen in the corridor of the hospital, arguing with hospital authorities, they did not relent.

"I have never seen any relatives of a patient whose critical, being treated like this," Sonia Gandhi said.

"My simple request was that I be allowed to see my father and I'm told that I cannot see him. I have not been an explanation. None of us are allowed to go in. I've been told that everybody has been allowed to see him all morning without any problem, so I think as a son, I have the right to see my father and get an explanation as to what is going on," Ahamed's son told ANI.

"We are appalled at the way in which the family has been treated. I am not speaking as the son of a Member of Parliament. I am speaking as the son of an Indian," he added.  
Babu Shehzad, who is a nephrologist himself, said, "This is our basic right and we were not allowed. When I asked to see the protocol for visitors there was no such thing. They wanted to do the ECMO procedures so that he can be sustained on artificial means, and that was not even discussed with the family. How can they do it? It's assault."

Ahamed's daughter said, "Unfortunately, I cannot not see any professional behaviour. This is completely unprofessional."

It was only in the wee hours of the morning that after a sit-in protest by the family and IUML members, that his immediate family was allowed to visit him.

Following this, his death was announced at 2.50 am on Wednesday.

"It seems the Modi government wanted to not announce his death for a day, so that the budget could go on without any hassles. This is how they treat an important leader," an IUML leader told Kerala media. 


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