Have an old vehicle? Brace for increased registration fee, fitness certificate

The draft rules propose a nearly eight time increase in fees for re-registration of old cars.
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The Union government has proposed to increase the fee to re-register a vehicle after 15 years, according to draft rules put out by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH).

These rules, a proposed amendment to the Central Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Rules, 2021, are estimated to come into effect from October 1, 2021. Under this, it has been proposed that the renewal and grant of a fitness certificate older than 15 years, the charges must be interesting. This comes as a part of the government’s larger push towards a scrappage policy, which is expected soon.

The registration certificate of commercial and personal vehicles is valid for 15 years, after which it undergoes and is re-registered for a period of five years. If a vehicle is less than eight years old, then the fitness certificate is valid for two years. If it is older than that, then the certificate is valid for a duration of one year.

For example, to re-register a 15-year-old car, you will have to shell out Rs 5,000, over eight times that of what you would pay currently - a registration cost of Rs 600. For two-wheelers, it goes up to 1,000. For comparison, the registration of a new motorcycle is priced at Rs 300 and cars at Rs 600.

For imported two or three-wheeler vehicles, new registration will cost Rs 2,500 and renewal will cost Rs 10,000. For imported vehicles of four or more wheelers, the cost of new registration will be Rs 5,000, and renewal will cost Rs 40,000.

In case there is a delay in applying for the renewal for the registration certificate, there will be an additional fee of Rs 300 for each month for motorcycles and Rs 500 for other classes.

If you have to renew the fitness certificate for your vehicle, it is proposed that you pay Rs 1,000 for motorcycles, Rs 7,500 for a light motor vehicle (including cars, jeeps, taxis, delivery vans), Rs 10,000 for a medium goods or passenger motor vehicle, and Rs 12,500 for a heavy goods or passenger motor vehicle.

For each day of delay after the expiry of the fitness certificate, an additional fee of Rs 50 is proposed to be levied.

For the test to grant and renew fitness certificate, you have to pay Rs 400 for manual motorcycle and Rs 500 for automated. For cars, it is at Rs 800 and Rs 1,000 for manual and automated respectively.

It has been priced at Rs 800 for manual medium goods/passenger vehicles older than 15 years, and Rs 1,300 for the automated versions.

Comments on the draft rules have been invited for a period of 30 days.

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