news Tuesday, May 12, 2015 - 05:30
Parliament is serious business, but that doesn't mean we can't see the humour in it! If Parliament was high school, the Speaker would be the Headmaster/Headmistress, Parliamentary Affairs Minister the Class Teacher, the PM would be the surprise inspector, opposition members the troublemakers, MPs of the ruling party the cheerleaders, the young, the hip and the Cabinet-hopefuls the popular kids and poor first time MPs would make up the class nerds.  And Parliament Junkie is the mean kid who blows the whistle on what every other kid does. In this series, our Parliament Insider, who follows the working of the Sabhas closely, often from within, will give you the inside dope on the happenings of the Parliament. Baith Jayiye! Parliament| May 12, 2015| 15:30 Hours| South Delhi Mean Time It's like a child has grown up in front of Junkie's eyes: RaGa can speak saala! Granted, the Kulhadi metaphors will get boring if he uses them one more time. But today, Junkie wants to forgive the use of it one last time. No more, ok RaGa? Although Junkie realises there's something problematic with us as a nation if only what's aggressive is what's considered 'good' -- let's bypass that for a moment. RaGa spoke today on the statutory resolution against Land Ordinance, and while nothing he said was 'new', it was delivered with just enough swag to make the point that the opposition wants to make.  Firstly, he thanked the BJP for turning up in great numbers to listen to him: nice move, achieving two ends: 1. A nod to the Govt/BJP for giving him that much importance, thereby forcing them to recognise that they recognise him as The Leader of the opposition, geddit? 2. A dig at the Govt which extended the session by three days, only to find the treasury benches empty for most of the extra time That got the cheerleaders angry enough to start grumble-mumbling, and Maharaja Scindia to make the best use of his baritone to go, "Sunne ki kshamata rakhiye!" Next, RaGa used the Kulhadi-ness to explain how the Govt was killing farmers: hyperbole, yes, but effective enough.  Then, he took a dig at the senior leaders of BJP -- using Minister Birender Singh, who went from the Congress to the BJP -- as an entry point. Why is it, RaGa wanted to know, that leaders like Advani, Sushma and even Rajnath -- who clapped when the old Bill was passed last Govt -- were on a different side of the debate now? Did they change their minds, or -- OOPS! -- were they scared of offending "someone"? Wrapping up nicely, RaGa sent out a little threat: "Yahan nahin rok paye, toh sadak pe rokenge!" Get ready for battle bro! To counter RaGa, BJP brought in the Ratlam MP, Dileepsingh Bhuria. In between taking digs at 'jijaji', Scindia ji, Rahul ji etc, Dileepsingh Bhuria tried to make some points about the Land Bill as well -- but only after Saugata Roy stood up with the rulebook to point out that there was absolutely nothing in Bhuria's speech pertaining to the issue at hand. (Suprisingly (or not?), the point of order was uncharacteristically struck down by Deputy Headmaster Thambidurai who was in the Chair at that point.) Perhaps they should have brought in someone with the conviction of TDP's Jayadev Galla to speak for that long. Junkie wants to make a special mention of the bald beauty (): here's an MP who consistently makes sense while speaking, and speaks as frequently as he possibly can. "We have 60% of our population living on 14% of the GDP. We need to change this and bring at least 20 crore people out of farming. We also need to stop painting all businessmen as crony capitalists," said Galla, as RaGa stared at his shiny head. But RaGa, you were impressive.  Does this mean Junkie is now a RaGa fan? Or is Junkie just setting the stage to become a #Bhakt? As Dileepsingh Bhuria would say, "He-heh. He-hehh-he-heh." Also Read: Parliament Junkie rates RaGa for following rules like a 'normal' MP Parliament Junkie rates RaGa for following rules like a 'normal' MP - See more at: