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The News Minute | October 14, 2014 | 6 pm IST Posters designed by the Australian government on immigration have got a lot of people talking with disgust, and others reminding it of its own immigrant past. Of course, there are those who think that they have got it right in the Land Down Under.  For several months now, the Tony Abbot led government in Australia has had a policy of not allowing immigrants or asylum seekers to enter Australian waters. There have been serious allegations of rights violations against the naval personnel. According to a Guardian report, three asylum seekers' hands were burned by naval forces. Australia reportedly cannot refuse entry to asylum seekers as it a signatory to the UN Refugee Convention, which states that refugees cannot be denied entry for the purpose of seeking asylum even if they do not have valid travel or identity documents.  The Independent has a short timeline of Australia's pro-immigration policies in the past.  Australia's immigration policies make for one heckuva u-turn! pic.twitter.com/Gpf4JmI5Wn — Eylon Aslan-Levy (@EylonALevy) October 14, 2014 If you thought the UK gov’s “go home” anti-immigration ads were bad, check out Australia’s: https://t.co/6X3c3MR6Tv via @fatimamanji — James Bridle (@jamesbridle) October 14, 2014 Nasty anti-immigration poster by #Australia government. All that's missing is sharks pic.twitter.com/NVUDkHNzyj HT @fatimamanji — Philippe Legrain (@plegrain) October 14, 2014 “No way, you will not make Australia home” - well done anti-immigration racists, well done https://t.co/lwJ2UvXtvb #fail — Sarah (@masaraht) October 14, 2014 What happened to us?#auspol How times have changed with Australia's immigration policy http://t.co/kum079ovNd — Michael John Webb (@mickjohnwebb) October 14, 2014 Australia'a sound immigration policy pic.twitter.com/1WyJEB98Jg — RightWorld (@foxxumekk) October 14, 2014
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