Kerala’s Assembly Elections have offered fans and voters a peek into the assets owned by Malayalam’s very own ‘Mahadevan’ and ‘Appukuttan'

In Harihar Nagar stars declare their assets ahead of Kerala polls
news Kerala Elections 2016 Saturday, April 30, 2016 - 14:11

It’s perhaps only during election season that voters get a sense of just how wealthy a political leader is. But even that is an approximation, as only the assets belonging to a candidate and his/her spouse is declared.

Curiosity, of course, only grows when a candidate happens to be a film star. Kerala’s Assembly Elections have offered fans and voters a peek into the assets owned by Malayalam’s very own ‘Mahadevan’ and ‘Appukuttan'.

M Mukesh

The veteran actor, who has starred in more than 250 films, will try his luck in politics from the Kollam seat under the banner of LDF.

According to the affidavit filed during the time of nominations, the total assets owned by Mukesh and his wife come up to over Rs 13 crores (Rs. 13,14,12,337 to be precise). 

The star declared that he earned Rs 38,01,057 in the last financial year while he owns moveable assets worth Rs 5 crore (Rs 5,47,99,698). The popular actor also has immovable assets worth Rs 1,95,35,042.

Mukesh’s dancer wife Methil Devika had inherited assets to the tune of Rs. 26 lakh and had an income of Rs. 2.35 lakh.

The actor who played the role of ‘Mahadevan’ in the blockbuster film ‘In Harihar Nagar’ declared that has a liability of Rs 33 lakhs.

Jagadish Kumar PV

The actor, known for his extraordinary sense of humour, is fighting the elections under the umbrella of UDF from the Pathanapuram constituency. 

Jagadish, together with his wife, owns assets worth nearly Rs. 7 crore (6,95,04,891). 

The actor, who played ‘Appukuttan’ in ‘In Harihar Nagar’ earned Rs 31,69,520 last year and owns moveable assets worth Rs 20 lakhs. His immoveable assets amount to Rs 94,40,900. According to the affidavit filed, his wife had immoveable assets worth Rs. 2.72 crores. 

In the form of loans, he has a liability of Rs  73,67,037. 


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