Hadiya messaged me asking for help, why has she been confined: Shafin Jahan asks

It is a gross violation of human rights, she hopes we win the case says the man who married Hadiya.
Hadiya messaged me asking for help, why has she been confined: Shafin Jahan asks
Hadiya messaged me asking for help, why has she been confined: Shafin Jahan asks
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Hadiya, a 25-year-old woman who converted to Islam, has been under house arrest in Vaikkom in Kottayam since May this year. This after the Kerala HC annulled her marriage to a Muslim man Shafin Jahan, calling it a "sham." 

On Wednesday, six women, including journalism students, working journalists and a documentary film maker, protested outside Hadiya's house, after they were prevented from meeting her. 

The protesters claimed that while the police and Hadiya's parents prevented them from meeting her, and denied to hand over gifts they had brought along, they saw Hadiya cry for help from her bedroom window. Hadiya, according to the six women, said that she was being beaten up, and then the window was forcefully shut from outside. 

Miles away, in Kollam, lives the person she married, Shafin Jahan.

Shafin, a member of the SocialDemocratic Party of India (SDPI), calls his wife’s confinement a "gross violation of human rights." 

After allegations that Hadiya had been a victim of radical groups converting Hindu women to Islam, the Kerala High Court had annulled the wedding in May 2016.

Since then, Shafin and Hadiya have never met.

Speaking to TNM, Shafin says that Hadiya got in touch with him a few days back over phone and said that she was under the confinement of RSS.

"She used her mother’s phone to call me and the conversation lasted for only 36 seconds. She told me that she was being harassed by them. She took a big risk calling me. She got hold of her mother's phone and rushed to the bathroom to ring me up. She asked me about the progress of the case in the SC and I told her that we would get justice," Shafin says. 

Shafin shared with TNM, a text message he claims Hadiya sent him a few days ago, seeking help. The message reads: "Plz help me by hadia@akhila".

Shafin says the house arrest was in violation of Hadiya’s fundamental rights. 

"These six women went to her house and have seen the reality. Now, more people will know what a grave violation this is. A 25-year-old has been kept in confinement. Look at the cruelties she has to go through," Shafin says. 

In a video released by social activist Rahul Eashwar a few days ago, Hadiya can be seen shouting, “Is this how my life should be?”.

Media reports state that the National Investigation Agency has found that Sainaba, a social worker associated with Sathyasarani was involved in converting another young woman along with the support of SDPI. Shafin denies these reports.

Shafin added that he had no connections with Sainaba and said that he got in touch with her at the time Hadiya's marriage proposal came up. 

"I knew Sainaba as a social worker, had heard about her a lot in the news. But I don't have any connection with her. We are not converting people and we are not terrorists," he says.

However, he refused to provide clarity, stating that the case was under subjudice.

Taking to Facebook, Shafin also questioned the Women's Commission Chairperson asking if the Commission will enquire into the violation of rights. 

Sharing the copy of a receipt he received on his complaint filed to the Commission in May this year, Shafin questioned what action had been taken on it.

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