The Facebook post about the incident has been shared over 10000 times.

Gurgaon shocker 3-year-old girl loses thumb due to daycare negligenceNDTV
news Daycare Accident Tuesday, May 10, 2016 - 15:49

In a tragic incident, a 3-year-old girl’s thumb had to be amputated after it was crushed in an accident at a daycare in Gurgaon. The incident came to light after the girl’s mother wrote a very elaborate Facebook post accusing the daycare of negligence.

According to Shivani P Sharma, mother of 3-year-old Myra, the incident happened on April 28 after she dropped her daughter at the daycare named “Cherub Angel”. Half an hour after dropping Myra, she received a call from the daycare regarding an ‘emergency’ and requesting her to come to the hospital. Though she was initially told that Myra had just hit her thumb, when she reached the hospital, she was told that her thumb had been amputated.

“Her top half part of the thumb has been crushed and cut apart. I was told that another kid Kartik pushed door close and her finger came inside. Can you believe the situation when my 3yrs old is in front of my eyes bleeding? The resident plastic surgeon told me that nothing can be done to broken thumb but only a surgery to close the cut. Which means for her whole life she will never have a full thumb nor any nail, instead she will have a round cut finger,” Shivani wrote in her Facebook post.

The Facebook post has been shared over 10000 times.

Shivani alleged that the owners of the daycare, Archana and her husband Prashant, admitted that it was their fault initially and promised that they would take care of the treatment. But soon, they started neglecting Shivani’s calls.

“When I asked Archana to come to Medanta (hospital) to pay for her second surgery she started making all excuses like she has her school to take care of, have to pick and drop other kids,” Shivani said.

Shivani later filed a complaint at the Gurgaon Police Station.


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