The minister, on his part, even said that the officer "was like his daughter."

Guntur officer drops allegations against Andhra minister blames YSRCPFile photo: Facebook/Ravela Kishore Babu
news Politics Monday, December 26, 2016 - 09:35

In a complete turn of events, Guntur Zilla Parishad chairperson Shaik Johny Moon took back all her allegations made against state Social Welfare Minister Ravela Kishore Babu, and claimed that the two of them had made peace.

This came two days after Shaik Johny Moon told reporters in Guntur that her family was facing a threat from the minister, while adding that her own life was allegedly under threat.

Alleging that the minister had deployed goons to kill her husband and resorted to attacks on her bungalow, she also claimed that Kishore Babu had stepped up the attack after she approached senior party leaders.

On Sunday, her story was quite different. She claimed that some rowdies had tried to attack her house and she 'misunderstood' them as followers of Kishore Babu.

“It is true that we have contrasting views on certain issues but we had no personal animosity,” she was quoted as saying.

Kishore Babu on his part, also cited a "communication gap" before going on to state that Johny Moon "was like his daughter and her husband Abdul Gaffar was like his son-in-law and they will work like a family in the TD."

Both the leaders also lashed out at the Opposition YSRCP and claimed that the party was trying to create differences between members of the TDP.

Following the allegations, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu on Saturday constituted a three-member committee, headed by deputy CM N China Rajappa.

Naidu, in a press release, also stated that both the Minister and the ZP chief were new entrants into the party and got the opportunity to take up high posts, because of which they were also expected to behave in a manner that did not harm the party interests.