news Friday, May 15, 2015 - 05:30
In a move that has attracted controversy, the Chhattisgarh education department has issued a circular which bans the use of the word “Father” in Christian educational institutions. According to a report in The Indian Express, the notice has come months after the VHP had reportedly come to a verbal agreement with missionaries in the tribal regions. The body had reportedly asked for “Father” to be replaced by “Pracharya”. The District Education officer of Mahasamund has reportedly issued the circular which has the approval of the collector in the area with a copy also sent to the VHP’s local office and the departmental officer in Raipur. The report mentions that a similar order had been issued by the district administration at Kanker in February. The Mahasamund collector is quoted by the newspaper as saying that there were complaints that students were being forced to address the teachers as “Father”. “No one can compel anyone in this way,” he told the newspaper. Chhattisgarh Christian Forum president Arun Pannalal called it a case of “administrative terrorism” and a violation of fundamental rights. “Earlier they beat us, now they are using administration to destroy our institutions,” he’s quoted as saying. “As a minority community, we have been given special rights under the Constitution. If they don’t want that, let them change the Constitution and the laws once and for ever,” he added while speaking with the newspaper. Read more at: Chhattisgarh: District officer bans use of ‘Father’ in Christian schools