And it looks completely different from Android.

 Google is reportedly working on an OS that could be its replacement of Android Image for representational purposes only
Atom Tech Shorts Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - 19:23

Google already has the Chrome OS as well as the most popular Android OS for mobiles and other hand held devices. So why is its team directing its efforts at the third OS ‘Fuchsia’? Is there a possibility Google may phase out Android over a period of time?

These questions have been raised now since some images and screenshots have surfaced which indicate a new user interface (UI). One must hasten to clarify that ‘Fuchsia’ has been in existence as an open source command line and not a full-fledged OS as it seems to appear now. It is also understood that Google may depart from the practice of basing the OS on the Linux kernel and move to a new eco-system, a microkernel developed in-house, called ‘Magenta’.

Analysts are only trying to put two and two together picking a line from one of Google’s internal documents where there is a mention about ‘modern phones and computing devices with fast processors’ as being the reason why ‘Magenta’ is being worked on and within its umbrella, the Fuchsia OS will also be developed. Taking this as a cue, experts feel this can only mean that the tech giant is working on another OS that may exist along with Android in future. This deduction is also due to the fact that Google has established this reputation for not relying on a single product in any category.

Analysts interpret a whole range of activities and developments happening with ‘Fuchsia’, all of which give them the indications that the company is indeed serious about developing the third OS. There is also a statement from one of the developers working on the ‘Fuchsia’ project confirming that the project is not one of those which may be dumped or abandoned by Google and is there to stay. Such pre-mature ideas and projects are called 20% which are not pursued after a few months and Google has seen many such 20% projects in the past. But the analyst feels this time it is going to stay.

A broad-based reasoning and justification for the third OS

Yet another elaborate reasoning for Google’s intentions for developing an all new OS using purely its own SDK environment discarding all external links is also being given.

According to this, Google is facing certain shortcomings with the Android OS mainly to do with rolling out the updates across hardware which belong to different manufacturers and are run on their own eco-systems. The other factor is that originally the Android OS was developed under certain circumstances which have all undergone total transformation now and to redevelop the existing software where it is already operating on billions of devices and millions more are getting shipped every day is not going to be that smooth and easy.

Finally, on the timelines, the expectation is that by Google’s own standards it may take a few years before the company officially unveils a new operating system. An educated guess could be that it might be around 2020 when one may get to a see ‘Fuchsia’ being deployed on devices. It’s a long road to travel for the company and its development team.

Image: Maurizio Pesce

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