Amazon doesn’t sell Google’s Chromecast on its site and doesn’t allow Prime Video on cast, leading to Google not supporting YouTube on Echo Show and Fire TV.

Google and Amazon spat YouTube app pulled from Amazons devices
Atom Tech Shorts Friday, December 08, 2017 - 11:05

If you are using Amazon’s voice controlled devices like Echo Show and watch YouTube videos on it, this service will not be available with effect from January 1. Google has made this announcement following a spat between the two US-based technology majors over each other’s products on their respective platforms.

Google is upset by the fact that Amazon does not sell its Chromecast on its site. Similarly, the home speaker from Google, Google Home is also not sold to their customers and Amazon’s Prime Video service is not allowed to be streamed for Google Cast users. Google has cited these as the reason for its reciprocal action in not supporting YouTube on Echo Show and Fire TV.

It has snowballed into a major fight between 2 corporate entities which is not in the best interest of either company. Interestingly, Amazon had a similar problem with Apple Inc, not allowing its Prime Video to be accessed through Apple TV; however, the dispute was later resolved and Prime Video is now supported on Apple TV. The fight with Google may be a bit deeper, though the statements from both sides appear to indicate they may resolve it soon.

Amazon’s explanation for this move does not appear very convincing since it says it removed Google’s and Apple’s products from its site since it did not want its customers to be confused. And the dispute is not new or flared up only now. Google first pulled out YouTube from out of Echo Show in September, but Amazon re-introduced it later. However, it is reported that the way the service is presented to Amazon’s customer is violative of the agreement between the companies.

Ultimately, Amazon may have to blink since many customers will be affected by this new decision by Google to suspend YouTube service in Amazon products.

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