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The News Minute | January 13, 2015 | 10:55 am IST  He has been called a 'terrorist funded by Saudi' and also a person controlled by the 'Italian mafia'. His constant attacks on BJP leader Subramanian Swamy and the Virat Hindu ideology has earned him thousands of followers on Facebook along with innumerable Swamy supporters who do not leave any opportunity to lambaste him.  He is the person behind the often controversial 'Unofficial: Subramaniam Swamy'- a parody account on the BJP veteran, with the first name ending with the letter 'm'. However, the leader's first name ends with a 'n'.  The page clearly states, 'This is not Subramanian Swamy's official page. Ph.D in Economics from Dharvard University Karnataka; History Professor, Wanna be BJP MP'. And yet in it's initial days, several people took him for the real Swamy.  Read: A Facebook page making fun of Subramanian Swamy's Virat Hindu "I wanted to a create a page on Baba Ramdev initially. But I chose Subramanian Swamy after seeing that his tweets and Facebook posts got thousands of likes and shares. Most of his posts (FB) were manipulated with supporting Photo-shopped images. He knew how to impress his hardcore Hindutva followers", said the person operating the Swamy account, choosing to remain anonymous.  (Image Source: Unofficial: Subramaniam Swamy Facebook Page ) The real Swamy is more of a Twitter user with a verified account on the micro-blogging site. But, he also has significant presence on Facebook, courtesy the Dr Subramanian Swamy page. Though not verified, and not run directly by Swamy directly, the page run by the ShankhNaad team.has been endorsed by the man himself. Swamy recently re tweeted a tweet which claimed that the parody was run by a person controlled by the Italian mafia and that people should complain about it. To which, the parody operator said, "I have a feeling he follows and laughs at our posts. Subramanian Swamy knows it is baseless (the Italian mafia allegations), but he also know his patriotic followers will agree and spread this blindly if he re tweets".  With over 32,000 followers, the account is often making waves in the social media ever since its inception a few months ago.  (Image Source: Unofficial: Subramaniam Swamy Facebook Page; Caption: Michael Jackson was a Viraat Hindu. His actual name was Mai ka Lal Jaikishen who was later kidnapped by Christian Missionaries from a Brahmin family impressed by his bharatanatyam and Kathakali dance in some stage show.) But not all are in praises of his account. He gets a significant number of abusive messages and hate mails. One such message apparently was from Shankhnaad, the owner of the Dr Subramanian Swamy Facebook page, who wanted him 'to remove one of our posts on Astra-Aalaya and Puchpak Vimama'. "I found the reason very funny, i.e. "I think it's an unauthorized use of my intellectual property", asserted the parodist.  And then there are those who threaten to kill him, whom he conveniently blocks, and a few others who say,'Why are you trying to harass Swamy ji who is a God like figure to many of us? Are you a terrorist funded by Saudi?' When former Union minister Shahshi Tharoor promoted the parody page, many thought it was managed by Priyanka Gandhi. "Many tried to hack my Facebook account as well, but were unsuccessful", he said.  When asked whether his brand of humour is too irreverent, the parodist shot back saying, "Do you think it is irreverent? I never target religion, but ideology. This page was created to target an Ideology. It is Swamy and his sena that are making fun of Hinduism and our glorious history by mixing mythology to it. I am just making fun our their claims and their Vedic thinking".  Read: Subramanian Swamy threatens to sue Facebook if parody account is not taken down "And yes, Swamy ji isn't as bad as he sounds online, but he has to impress his brand of followers", he is quick to add.  So what does the real Subramanian Swamy think of the parody? Dr Subramaniam Swamy told TNM that the only objection he had was that the account used his photograph, nothing else. (Image Source: Unofficial: Subramaniam Swamy Facebook Page; Caption: Google should immediately remove this doodle or face Legal Notice. They should atleast replace that missionary Reindeer with Gou Mata.) The BJP leader has a large social media presence where he regularly interacts with his followers. But ever since his parody hit Facebook, drawing quite the laughs from other political party members and also 'confusing' his people, Swamy seemed to be more than just annoyed. He tweeted last month saying, 'Desperate Congi&Aaptards seeing the huge knock out response of PTs have resorted to parody accounts.Facebook must act or face legal notice'.  Read: Oops! Did Facebook just take down the Dr Subramanian Swamy account instead of the parody account? It set to motion a set of equally perplexing events, with Facebook reportedly blocking the Facebook account endorsed by Swamy, instead of the parody. This eventually led to the parody account adding 'Unofficial' to its name, in an apparent bid to not confuse the users.  The parody account holder says he has no plans to discontinue the page, but frequency of posts will reduce. Tweet Follow @thenewsminute
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