Gaming your way through Chennai: Awesome mobile-games based only on the city

Andriod’s play-store has at least seven games which are based on Chennai alone.
Gaming your way through Chennai: Awesome mobile-games based only on the city
Gaming your way through Chennai: Awesome mobile-games based only on the city
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Commuting in auto-rickshaws or buses in Chennai can be an awful experience. But there is another way now to experience the roads of Chennai on autos, buses, cars and even trucks, without actually getting on them. Welcome to the world of phone-games centred only on Chennai, replete with the appropriate weather and traffic conditions. And surprisingly, Andriod’s play-store has at least seven games which are based on Chennai alone. Check them out.

Chennai Auto Traffic Racer

In this game, the gamer has to make maximum close calls with the vehicles around, cover maximum distance and score high. The auto ride is fun especially when the driver dodges the buses, trucks and cars with ease. One can customize autos with better features for a better ride in the city. It gives an option to go for city drive or a beach drive.

In one of the reviews, Nitin Kumar has writes, “Good catchy Chennai Tamil words make the game more attractive. Great stuff. Thanks for the game.”

The game was created by Creative Monkey games and has been downloaded by more than 5 lakh people till now. It is available for IOS and Windows phones.

Chennai Pothole Bounce

This game perfectly defines current weather condition in the city. In it, one has to keep bouncing in a car to avoid sewage lids. It is created by KaapiCo and has been downloaded by 100 users. It is available on all devices. Get on it guys, it’s fun!

Chennai Bus Stimulator 3D 2016

On this game, you get a chance to become a bus driver in the Chennai city. As you play, you have to dodge all the other vehicles and be as fast as possible. It has many challenges and levels to unlock. It was created by Rackemaction Inc and more than 500 people have downloaded this game.

Chennai Auto Rickshaw

Now ride the Chennai share auto-rickshaws with a lot more fun. All one has to do is collect wooden and metal crates to score points on the way and never pickup a red bomb crate.

It is also created by KaapiCo and can be downloaded on all devices.

4X4 Chennai Truck Racing

It is not only buses and auto-rickshaws, the app developers have also come up with Chennai Truck Racing. It will give you an adventurous ride up the hill, down the hill and on bumpy tracks. It has been created by Tap Tap Best Games and can be downloaded on all the devices.

Chennai Bus Parking 3D

Speed up, drift, brake, and turn - Now test all your driving skills on this game.

In this game, one has to drive and park a Chennai bus in the arena at the required destination after crossing all the challenges. The best feature in this game is that it brings in the native flavour of the city with the design and background sounds. It has more than 20 levels. Its graphics are realistic.

The buses are actually marked with the real route numbers, complete with all Chennai sounds and Tamil users can play it in Tamil.

It is created by Creative Monkey Games and has more than 10,000 downloads.

Battle of Chepauk

Now, you’ll have the whole CSK team to play with and that also at the famous Chepauk stadium in the Battle of Chennai game. From Suresh Raina, Dwayne Bravo to MS Dhoni, all of them will be part of your team. There are three modes: Super Over, Super Slog and Super Chase.

In Super Over, one has just one over to prove their skills. In Super Slog and Super Chase, one will have two overs and in other one, it starts with five overs and the levels keep increasing and reache up to 30 overs. It has more than 1 million downloads and can be downloaded on all devices. So, get ready to give your best shot.

User  Ganesh Shetty says, “I have never seen a game like this before. We can play any shots in 360 degrees.”

This article was first spotted in The Hindu.

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