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  Kerala Women’s Commission had sent recommendations to the government in June 2012 against conduct of extravagant weddings in the state. Later in December that year, two seminars were held to discuss the viability and legal feasibility of the proposal. Following are the recommendations that were discussed in the seminars, this is a translation from the Malayalam text. 1) Extravaganza in weddings should be prohibited and formulation of a law is essential in doing so. 2) Contrary to popular practice, only one function for marriage should be organized. 3) Likewise, there should be only one function for engagement ceremony. 4) There should be restriction in the number of guests invited for engagement ceremony as well as the wedding function. For the engagement, only 50 guests should be invited (25 from the groom’s side and 25 from the bride’s side). For the wedding, the number should be no more than 250, 125 from either side. 5) Wedding related expenses should be regulated as well. The maximum amounts of money that should be spent on various items are as follows: a) Wedding invitation (per piece): Rs.25 b) Auditorium rent: Rs.50,000 (Defaulters are entitled to pay the sum equivalent to the amount exceeding the limit to the government as penalty) c) Auditorium decorations and other rituals: Rs.50,000 d) Sadya (per person): Rs.150 e) Bride’s wear: Rs.20,000 f)  Groom’s wear: Rs.15,000 g) Bride’s jewellery: 80 gram (gold) h) Groom’s jewellery: 40 gram (gold)   6) Law must be formulated that demands both the bride and the groom to file declaration of the expected expenditure prior to the wedding. 7) The concerned priest presiding the wedding should also declare the expected expenditure for the conduct of the wedding. 8) Committees should be formed at panchayat levels to conduct awareness programmes. 9) A penalty of 25% on the total expenditure should be charged on weddings that exceed the permissible limit of expenditure. 10) Advertisements that suggest gold and silk as essential for weddings should be banned.
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