These stretches were in a bad condition and became worse after the recent rains resulting in several accidents.

Frustrated with official apathy Secunderabad senior citizens fill potholes on their ownBy arrangement
news News Monday, July 24, 2017 - 18:24

In an eye-opening incident at Secunderabad, on Sunday, senior citizens frustrated with GHMC for not filling up potholes took matters into their own hands. 

Over 70 people from Sainikpuri, Kapra and nearer localities gathered to fill up potholes along the stretches of Gough Road and National Security Guards hub road. 

These stretches were in a bad condition which became worse after the recent rains resulting in several accidents, and leaving many severely injured.

76-year-old Gulshan Bamboat , who led the initiative, said, “It was a purely collective impulse. One day there was discussion on the WhatsApp  community group and I proposed a shramadan for repair and then everyone agreed. I was also inspired by a 12-year-old boy, Ravi Teja, who voluntarily tarted repairing potholes after seeing a road mishap.”

According to S Chandrasekhar, Spokesperson, Open Secunderabad Cantonment All Roads Community (OSCAR Community), which was demanding restriction free transport in the cantonment area, locals took the initiative after their failed representations with the Local Military Authority (LMA) and GHMC.

Chandrasekhar also added that the LMA is deliberately not looking after the road in order to prolong the extension of closure Gough Road, which has been closed by authorities citing security and administrative reasons from June 1.

"LMA claims rights over the land for closure of the roads but not for repairing them. If the condition of the road becomes unserviceable they can say that since no one is using the road we can shut it,” Chandrasekhar said. 

Speaking about the initiative Vijay Dabade, retired bank employee said, "We have approached GHMC and the Cantonment board but they have been simply ignoring it."

Passers-by did not just stand and watch these senior citizen get to work but also joined in to offer a helping hand, Vijay said.