When the child tried to take off the bag, it tightened and he suffocated

news Thursday, June 30, 2016 - 08:34

In a tragic incident, a four-year-old boy died in Hyderabad on Tuesday night after suffocating on a polythene cover that he had wrapped around his head.

The boy, Shreyan was studying UKG in a private school near his home.

The Deccan Chronicle reported:

On Tuesday after returning from school, Shreyan was playing in their house. Earlier, when he would play with plastic carry bags, his mother would warn him not to play with them. Being fearful of his mother, on Tuesday he went inside the bedroom and started playing with a plastic bag, which he put over his head. 

The report adds that when the child tried to take off the bag, he started suffocating and banged on the door for help. However, his mother who was in the kitchen went to check on him only after a while, and found him unconscious. 

Though he was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital, the doctors declared him brought dead.

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