Police said the passengers of the speeding car fled the scene and were yet to be traced.

Four women killed in Telangana’s Karimnagar after speeding car rams into them: The car being moved
news Accident Sunday, January 30, 2022 - 13:38

In a tragic incident in Telangana’s Karimnagar district, four women were killed after a speeding car ran over them on the highway leading to Hyderabad on the morning of January 30, Sunday. The victims were residing on roadside huts along the highway, and were engaged in blacksmith works, making knives and other tools. According to one of the survivors, the passengers of the car escaped from the location immediately after the accident. 

According to Karimnagar ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police) Tula Srinivasa Rao, the incident happened around 7 am on January 30, as the victims were working at their dwellings on the roadside near Kaman area in Karimnagar district. “On the highway connecting Karimnagar to Hyderabad, a few people were living on the pavement near a culvert doing blacksmith work. Around 7 am on January 30, while they were working, a Hyundai Creta going towards Hyderabad which was speeding hit the pavement, lost control and sped forward, running over the people who were working,” the ACP said, describing the accident. Reports said that the car had multiple pending challans for different traffic violations including overspeeding.

One woman died immediately, while three other victims died by the time they were shifted to the hospital. Two others were injured badly, the ACP said. The passengers of the car escaped unhurt, police said, adding that it was only the people working on the pavement who were badly injured. The details of the passengers of the car are yet to be known, police said, adding that a case has been registered and an investigation is ongoing. According to reports, the deceased were identified as Sunita, Lalita, and Jyoti. The precise identity of one more deceased is yet to be determined. 

Earlier in December, six members of a family, including two kids, were killed in an accident in Telangana’s Kamareddy. An SUV with 12 passengers collided with a stationary lorry on the side of National Highway 161, in Bichkunda mandal near Banswada. The passengers were a family from Hyderabad’s Chaderghat neighbourhood, who were returning from a visit to a dargah in Maharashtra’s Nanded.