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The News Minute| October 21, 2014| 04.35 pm IST It’s that time of the year again. Everyone’s heading home and the holiday fever is reaching its all-time high. As you head out to buy that ethnic sherwani to woo the ladies or that gorgeous ghaghra to set the dance floor on fire, every year Diwali takes a slightly new turn , a modern twist.  We show you what's new and trendy this Diwali 1. The patriotic, desi Indian way Some hard-core Diwali enthusiasts exist - the kind that will ensure that not only their house, but the entire street joins in during the Diwali celebrations sure to leave a few people deafened after all the crackers are burst. For them , the Earth will take care of itself, and we always have tomorrow to clean up the day's mess. But for these die-hard desi people, patriotism comes before everything else. The environment may take a back seat today, but the Indian economy is first priority. Bye-bye Chinese crackers, they say ! The Chinese versions maybe cheaper, but they would rather buy the Indian variety and help the native firecracker industry out . 2. Crazy, online shopping Diwali deals - Be the smart shopper Flipkart went ballistic with its 'Big billion day' sale recently. Navigating the last-minute Diwali shopping crowds is passe. Go online and click on that lovely anarkali at a price you would least expect. Save on petrol and get your shoppping done, at cheaper rates. With the rain gods smiling down on you, it's going to be a herculean task otherwise.                                                                                                                  People throng a marketplace for Diwali shopping in Ahmedabad 3. A cracker-less, sound-free Diwali - the clean environment way Most environmentalists will jump and nod, hell yeah. It’s a festival of lights and sounds, we agree which necessitates the usual cracker bursting and filling up the sky with lights. But this year, what with Modi's Swachh Bharat initiative and the image of him cleaning the streets with a broomstick etched in our minds, we think we should do our part too and keep our cities smoke free.  4. Spread the joy - have some fun Diabetes is on the rise and that ghee-laden laddoo wont help with that weight-loss programme you just embarked on. If thats your worry, cut down on the sweets, and splurge your money and time with people who would welcome some love and joy. Spread the happiness, and bask in some pride. You've brought a smile on their faces.                                                                                                                      School children celebrate Diwali in an old-age home