Four superfast trains flagged off between Mysuru and Bengaluru

While the journey has been cut to two and a half hours, the ticket prices have been increased by Rs 15.
Four superfast trains flagged off between Mysuru and Bengaluru
Four superfast trains flagged off between Mysuru and Bengaluru
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The journey between Bengaluru and Mysuru has now been cut down by half an hour thanks to four trains plying this route being converted to superfast trains. The trains were flagged off on Independence Day, August 15.

The two daily trains that have been converted into superfast expresses are Malgudi Express and  Mysuru-Mayiladathurai Express.A weekly train, Mysuru Sainagar Shirdi Weekly Express, and a tri-weekly train, Kannur/Karwar-KSR Bengaluru Express, have also been converted into superfast expresses along this route.

The tickets will now be Rs 15 more, but the travel time has been reduced to two-and-a-half hours.

Speaking to The New Indian Express, S Yogendra of the Mysuru Grahakara Parishat said, “The present charge of Rs 60 for travel between the two cities will go up to Rs 75 now due to the extra charge levied on superfast trains.”

Measures have also been put in place to ensure those customers who bought their tickets before this move was put in place pay the extra amount.

Chief Public Relations Officer of South Western Railway E Vijaya told TNIE that the charge would be collected by the Travelling Ticketing Examiner on board the trains. “In case of passengers who had reserved their tickets before the changes in the new time table, an additional fee of Rs 15 needs to be paid,” she said.

The arrival and departure timings for the trains have also been revised.

"Consequent to the electrification and doubling between Mysuru-KSR Bengaluru-Mysuru section, the following trains are speeded up and made ‘superfast’ between Mysuru and KSR Bengaluru from August 15,” read a notification by the South Western Railway.

As per the revised timetable 16231 Mysuru-Maviladuturai Express will depart from Mysuru at 4:15 pm instead of 3:30 pm and arrive at Bengaluru at 6:45 pm instead of 6:20 pm.

The journey time has been reduced by twenty minutes after the change.

Meanwhile, 16023 Mysuru-Yesvanthpur Express will leave Mysuru at 8:25 am instead of 8:20 am and arrive at 10:55 am, cutting the duration of the journey short by 15 minutes.

16217 Mysuru-Sainagar Shirdi express will now depart from Mysuru at 5:30 am instead of 5 am and arrive in Bengaluru at 8 am, with the running time reduced by 15 minutes.

The departure timing of the 16518/16524 Kannur-Karwar Express remains the same with only a change in the arrival time since the journey is now cut short by 20 minutes. The train will reach Bengaluru at 8 am instead of 8:20 am.

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