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The News Minute | February 27, 2015 | 09.30 am IST Over 900 deaths resulting from 16,000 swine flu positive cases since the beginning of the year is no passing issue. While the Indian health minister has urged public not to panic, precautionary measures to combat the spreading of the disease has been conveyed on different media. However, some politicians have formulated their own bizarre theories as to how the virus must be combatted.  The best of the list : 1. Mamata Bannerjee’s mosquito connection When Mamata Bannerjee said that swine flu spreads from mosquito bites, thousands of doctors across the country would have collectively face-palmed themselves. Last week, after fresh cases had been detected in the state, she went on to say that there was no need to panic. Why ? because according to her, swine flu “mostly happens from mosquito bites”. Since then, according to recent statistics, 78 positive cases in the state have been recently detected.  She had gone on to say that “immediate action to arrest the spread of the disease” was being done, said a report. Hopefully, it didn't include just eradicating the area of all mosquitos. 2. What does swine flu have to do with planting trees? Well, apparently, according to the Mumbai Mayor Snehal Ambekar, it does because swine flu is a heart disease. If that wasn't sufficient for some massive social media criticism, she also said that the Mumbai municipality needs to plant more trees to cheek the virus, reported The Hindu. Now, planting trees is ALWAYs a good thing. But the Mayor could do better to segregate issues and not kill two birds with one stone. Her actual comment : “Swine flu is a heart disease... Hence, BMC will plant trees, develop gardens and parks to check swine flu,”    Or maybe, she thought jogging around trees could be good for a swine flu affected heart. 3.  KCR’s ‘dont panic’ call “There is no need for people to press the panic button. Swine flu is not an epidemic. At present, there are only 20-30 cases of swine flu and only 19 deaths have been reported so far in the state,” Chief Minister of Telangana K Chandrasekhar Rao swiftly called up the Prime Minister in January seeking Central Assistance. But his statement came at a time when two digit postiive swine flu cases were being reported every day in the state and like he mentioned, averagely two people were dying of the virus every day. Not cool, sir. Not cool. 4. The pointless shifting out of pigs because of the “swine” connection Now, Mamata Bannerjee has graciously accepted to figure in this list twice. On Thursday, she issued a swine flu counter-directive to catch and isolate pigs. Basically, swine flu neither comes from nor is transmitted via pigs. The word swine itself comes from pigs as it was first detected in pigs. Interestingly even thought the Corporation is aware of it and publicly said so, it has issued a directive to its officers to start a drive against all pigs, according to the New Indian Express. Best option : these leaders best stick to politics.  Tweet Follow @thenewsminute
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