"Things have gone bad in the last two months, but worse is yet to come," the former PM said.

Former PM Manmohan Singh Chidambaram flay Modi on demonetisationPTI/file photo
news Demonetisation Wednesday, January 11, 2017 - 16:45
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Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his cabinet colleague P Chidambaram lashed out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the issue of demonetisation on Wednesday at a party convention.

Commenting on the demonatisation decision, former Prime Minster Manmohan Singh on Wednesday said that while the economic situation has already become bad, "worse is yet to come".

Speaking at the "Jan Vedna Sammelan" of the Congress, Manmohan Singh attacked Prime Minster Narendra Modi, saying it is his solemn duty to tell the people what wrongs Modi is doing.

"Demonatisation has hurt the country hard. Things have gone bad in the last two months, but worse is yet to come," he said.

"The beginning of the end has come", Singh said, adding that "Modi's propaganda to reflect wrong figures has failed".

"Modi's propaganda that the national income of India in the last two years has gone up, has failed... The 7.6 per cent growth rate of country has come to 7 per cent in only a few months as a consequence of steep fall in the GDP of the country," Singh said.

Chidambaram compared PM Modi to Hitler saying, "One man takes the decision. He says I am the Fuhrer, I am the leader."

He said, “We will all have to suffer because of the folly of one person of this country… The country will face a loss of Rs 1.5 lakh crore.”

“I demand that the government pay compensation to the daily wage workers who lost their livelihoods,” he said, adding that 45 crore people lost their livelihood for 70 days “due to one man’s decision,” the former FM added.

He added instead of targeting black money hoarders, demonetisation has hurt the poor the most.

Echoing Rahul Gandhi’s statement on diluting the autonomy of the RBI, he said, ““They sent a suggestion on November 7 and announced on November 8,” and asked how the centre could be so confident of the same.


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