news Wednesday, June 24, 2015 - 05:30
  It was in January 2015 that Parvatheesam Kanchinadham quit from his post as Infosys' Chief Risk and Compliance officer and company secretary and joined Tata Steel as Company Secretary.   A story in the Economic Times in January 2015 said, “Infosys made the change after Kanchinadham was alleged to have made "some gender insensitive" comments to women employees in his office. This incident came to light late last year, after which its board set up a panel to investigate.”   Few web portals too carried the story.   On June 22, 2015, Vishal Sikka, CEO and Managing Director of the software exporter giant said, “We take this opportunity to affirm that we hold Mr Parvatheesam Kanchinadham in high esteem for his outstanding professionalism and his high sense of integrity. It is unfortunate that certain inaccurate and unjust statements were made in the press at the time of his departure. We sincerely regret the agony caused to him."   Kanchinadham’s name has been cleared by Infosys, but the man who was known to be a part of Narayanamurthy’s team says he has suffered much.   It was in October 2014 that officials at Infosys received an anonymous complaint about Kanchinadham. The same complaint was forwarded to business reporters a few days later, from an anonymous mail id.   Kanchinadham says he quit the company as he could not bear the situation. “I am from a middle class family. I worked hard, but don’t play politics. For people like us, we can deal with losing money, but not losing our dignity.”   In January 2015, Kanchinadham and his family shifted from Bengaluru to Mumbai. “We were forced to move away from our hometown and go to Mumbai. I got a good job with a reputed company, but there are so many others who never get lucky, and allegations do all the damage,” he says.   "That's a great company and I want that company to do very well.  I owe all my success to Infosys, founders, the Directors, Mr. Mohandas Pai and Mr. V. Balakrishnan For me It's was  a long and enjoyable stint at Infosys.  Infosys was an  integral part of my life and I have been an integral part of many milestones at Infosys."       From rags to riches: Story of the man behind Hyderabad's famous 'Ram ki Bandi'