Anupama Shenoy asked why Modi was fighting for the Triple Talaq Bill, when he hadn’t yet legally divorced his wife.

Former cop Anupama Shenoy questions Modis personal life gets trolled on Facebook
news Politics Friday, January 26, 2018 - 14:49

Former Deputy Superintendent of Police Anupama Shenoy, who floated the Bharatiya Janashakti Congress recently, hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a series of Facebook posts on Thursday.

Anupama, who resigned from her post of DySP after she was transferred for “putting former Labour Minister Parameshwar Naik’s call on hold”, took to Facebook and questioned Modi about “abandoning his wife”.

“To all those who question: Has Modi’s wife filed a police complaint, moved the court of law to ask for maintenance money, here is the answer: Modi’s wife is also scared of him. That’s why Jashodhaben has not gone to the police station or the court,” Anupama’s post reads.

In another post, she questioned the Prime Minister if it was okay for him to push for the Triple Talaq Bill, when he had “left his wife”.

“A lot of people tell me that Modi abandoning his wife is his personal matter. Then why isn’t the matter of Shah Bano and Shaira Bano’s husbands leaving also a personal matter? Why is the court and Parliament discussing this? So many cases about men running away without divorcing their wives and ruining their lives, rendering them unable to remarry, have been filed in several police stations. When are these cases going to be discussed in the Parliament?

Anupama, at the end of the post, also questions Modi as to when Jashodaben will get justice: “My post does not mean that I support (the practice of) triple talaq. For both the Banos, the court has strived to give justice. So when will BJP supporters seek justice for Jashodaben?”

It wasn’t long before trolls landed on her page and began attacking Anupama.

“Although you have not been married yet, I can assure you that if you do in the future, your husband will leave you within a week because of your immaturity,” one post reads.

Several comments said that “Modi’s marriage is a personal matter” and stated that Anupama “would never succeed in politics with her approach”.

However, several people also came out to support her. “Modi married when he was of legally permitted age. Modi should have divorced his wife so that she could be free to take her own decision. Not divorcing her and making her suffer all her life is more cruel than triple talaq. If triple talaq deserves imprisonment, making wives suffer by not divorcing them should invite much more rigorous punishment,” wrote one commentator.