news Tuesday, July 07, 2015 - 05:30
Come September and you will find Flipkart’s Shopping website no more. The company has announced that it will officially pull down its site and go app-only, as reported by The Times of India.  The news has already invited mixed reactions with some calling it a “smart move” whereas others have exercised caution. The country has witnessed a 166.8 % upsurge in the sales of smartphones within the last three months in 2013 and Flipkart aims to use this opportunity. However, when its subsidiary Myntra took the same route, the output was not quite pleasant. Myntra recorded a 10% decline in sales after it switched onto an app-only model. Myntra was positive about increasing its sales, as previously over 70% of its sales and 90% of its traffic came from smartphones. As soon as Flipkart announced its bizarre move, online shoppers were quick to criticize the move, with some claiming that they have no other option than e-retailing giant Amazon. Flipkart has already forced its smartphone users to download the app as it has shunned Mobile websites. Once Flipkart officially closes down its website only smartphone buyers could use it and it would not really seem like a customer-friendly option. Flipkart justifies its move by stating that 70-75% of its total traffic comes from mobile. Time will tell.