Bansal received backlash for his recommendation with several users pointing out that the handle shared some really sexist tweets in the form of 'lessons'.

Atom Social Media Friday, October 11, 2019 - 19:10

Sachin Bansal, the co-founder of Flipkart, has been slammed online after he recommended a sexist Twitter handle named 'LifeMathMoney' to his followers on the micro-blogging site and suggested that men could learn a lot from it.

"One of the accounts I recommend that all men on twitter follow is @LifeMathMoney. He will teach you many things you need to know. Women can follow if too, if they want," the tweet read.

Bansal went on to suggest that women could follow the account too, if they wanted.

LifeMathMonday's Twitter bio said, "Get Rich. Get Fit. Get Smarter. Learn what the schools won't teach you,” and is followed by over 97,000 Twitter users.

The handle shared some really sexist tweets in the form of lessons to educate its followers.

Soon, Twitter users slammed Bansal for his suggestion.

"It's pathetic and cringey and I can see how much the recommender has learnt from it," a user wrote.

"Not sure what the last sentence meant, Sachin. And the tweets from that account are quite misogynistic. Is that something to be learned too?" wrote another user.

The tweet has already gained over 1,000 likes along with around 200 comments and counting.

A Twitter user named @kavitharao wrote: "interesting to see you recommend an account that endorses marital rape, among other things."

“I hope Sachin Bansal clarifies why exactly is this account he's recommending worth following, or otherwise he better walk back on this recommendation after paying more attention to content. The guy he's promoting in his tweet seems absolutely bonkers,” another user Tweeted.

Following the backlash, Sachin defended his sexist recommendation and said, “Nothing created by humans is ever perfect. All books/ideas/mentors/philosophies have biases. Take what is useful and ignore the rest. Life is too short to spend arguing. This is also true for Twitter accounts. Unfollow/Block what you don’t want. Focus on your own goals instead.”