Five ways to become a child again this Dasara

Here’s our take on a fun way to spend the much awaited festive season.
Five ways to become a child again this Dasara
Five ways to become a child again this Dasara
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One of the most popular festivals of the country, Dasara marks the triumph of good over evil. The ten-day celebration is part of a tradition as old as civilization itself, leaving many with fond memories. But how does it translate to our lives? Is there something more to take away from it besides the usual festivities?

We’ve penned down a few ways to step back from the usual and instead, give in to life’s little joys. Here’s our take on a fun way to spend the much awaited festive season.

Take a Culture Trip to Mysore

A two-hour drive to the city is well worth the effort. Mysore is known for its rich cultural heritage and delicious cuisine... but also for its regal charm. A walk here lets you soak in the quiet grandeur of a bygone era. But Dasara is when the city really comes alive. The Mysore Palace lights up with over 100,000 sparkling lights, transforming into a fairytale scene right out of a Disney movie. Stick around the palace for an amazing display of traditional dance, music and cultural performances.

Eat Junk Street Style!

Some things are just worth it and we’re not talking burgers. Walk on over to one of the cities famous eat streets to devour fresh and tasty bites (then get seconds, and thirds). You’ll be surprised at how much a guy in a cart can dish out... Try a kind of dosa you never thought existed or pig out on some momos -  there's something for everyone. Vegetarians don’t fret -  you’ll be surprised at the lineup on offer for you too.

Let The Magic Begin with fireworks

If you're feeling lazy but don't want to miss out on everything, head up to your terrace and take in the sight of the city illuminated with little glowing diyas and fireworks bursting in red, yellow and green. Grab some food and camp out in the concrete jungle!

Dude where’s my stomach?

Rollercoasters! When’s the last time you got on one? The feeling of utter helplessness coupled with the thrill of speeding through the air on loop de loops will remind you of fond summer holiday memories with your family.

Ageing but raging

Here's a thought -  this Dusshera, spend some time with your grandparents! Take them to dinner or pamper them with a shopping trip. They'll have a great time, and so will you.

A Fair To Remember

We’ve listed our thoughts on how you could embrace the spirit of childhood this Dussehra and we’ll leave you with one last suggestion. WonderLa! A name synonymous with having a great time and the city’s most loved amusement park - WonderLa is a place where you can do everything we’ve mentioned above and more.

In conclusion -

Let's face it, planning the perfect Dasara outing is near impossible, but in Wonderla, there's something for everyone. Grandparents, young kids, revelers, dreamers, everyone's in for light, laughter, fireworks, and lots of fun.

This article has been produced by TNM Marquee in association with Wonderla.

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