As important as cracking the Mains may be, it’s also important to keep your cool, overcome anxiety and go through the process with calm and poise.

Final countdown to IIT-JEE Seven tips on how to do your best and not lose your cool
Thursday, April 05, 2018 - 17:19


It’s almost time for one of the toughest national entrance exams in the country. With the pen and paper test of the IIT-JEE Main Exam approaching on April 8, and the online test coming up on April 15 and 16, the final countdown to the exam has begun.

But as important as cracking the Mains may be, it’s also important to keep your cool, overcome anxiety and go through the process with calm and poise. And remember – not getting through to the IITs is not the end of the world.

Here are seven tips to put your best foot forward with the IIT-JEE Main exam, and not lose your mind in the meanwhile.

1) Focus on what you know: You’ve most likely been preparing for months just for this exam. Now is not the time to try and pack in any new books or topics into your preparation. Instead you should go back and revise all the key concepts, theorems and formulae so they’re fresh in your mind when you see the question paper before you.

2) Don’t get bogged down by comparisons: Every student has his or her ideal preparation methods, and his or her strong and weak topics. Don’t get into comparisons with your friends about who is better prepared. That’s more likely to increase your nervousness than contribute positively to your preparation. Just keep your eyes on your journey and your goals and do the best you can.

3)  Eat well, sleep well and stay hydrated: As the last hours and days come, it can get tempting to ignore basics like food and sleep just to squeeze out some extra hours for last-minute preparations. But maintaining your focus just before the exam requires you to stay healthy and energised. And that means healthy meals and sufficient sleep are top priorities. And let’s not forget, summer has begun. So, drinking plenty of water is important too.

4) Be sure of your strategy: Cracking the IIT-JEE exams is as much about successful time management and strategising as about knowing all your topics well. Take the time to know your strengths and have a strategy in place to play up your strengths and minimise your weaknesses.

5) Take breaks, exercise and meditate to stay relaxed:  At this point, one of the most important aspects of preparation is maintaining your composure and ensuring a healthy mood. That means taking sufficient breaks from preparations, getting a healthy amount of fresh air and giving yourself some peace of mind. Listen to music, spend time with your family, do things that keep you in a good mood. Try to go outdoors at least once in the day, preferably in the mornings. Also try out meditation to put yourself in a calm and mindful mood.

6) Stay cool on exam day: Make sure you have your bag packed the day before. Double check to ensure that you have the admit card, a wristwatch and all necessary stationery with you. Make sure to eat a light breakfast and reach the exam hall well in advance. Avoid last-minute cramming or discussions. Once you get your question paper, take time to read it clearly and get your time-management strategy in place. Make sure you leave enough time for one final check of the paper before submission.

7)  Have back-up options ready: While you’ve prepared to succeed, you should accept that the IIT-JEE exam is one of the hardest exams in the country and is attempted by lakhs of students around the country. There is always a chance that despite your best preparations, you may not clear the exam. It’s important to remember that that’s not the end of the world. Besides the IITs, there are many other quality engineering institutes and colleges around the country, like SRM Institute of Science and Technology, where you can still get a top-notch education. Apply for the SRM JEE as well, click here to apply.

This article was produced by TNM Marquee in association with SRM Institute of Science and Technology.