Katju said the issuance of the contempt notice was unwarranted and he had never abused any judges.

Fali Nariman comes to Markandey Katjus defence in contempt case
news Legal Sunday, November 13, 2016 - 11:52

Former Supreme Court Justice, Markandey Katju has engaged senior lawyer Fali S Nariman for his defence in the contempt of court proceedings, Times of India reported on Sunday.

The former judge told TOI that issuance of the notice was unwarranted and he had never abused any judge in his life.

“I do exercise my right to free speech. But never have I abused this right to make personal remarks or attacks against any judge. I do speak out when I get material indicating corruption. I have always respected the Supreme Court as an institution and never have done anything to tarnish its image and dignity,” Katju told TOI. In reaction to the Supreme Court's contempt notice, Justice Katju had written two more blogs on Saturday morning, but promptly deleted them after engaging Nariman.

Katju also said that he had been very respectful to the judges and had repeatedly referred to them as my lords and justice. “However, Justice Pant repeatedly referred to me as Mr Katju. Justice Gogoi too was sarcastic in his comments. I did not address him as Mr Gogoi till he threatened me with contempt of court proceedings. Is this the way to treat a former Supreme Court judge, who is much senior to all three of the judges? I had gone to the court in deference to the request of the bench. Does a person who assists the court get this treatment as reward,” Katju was quoted in TOI.

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