The chatbot will use its intelligence to dig into your previous preferences and send out responses to people you interact with.

Facebook is developing chatbots that can think and reason out like human beings
Atom Tech Shorts Thursday, June 15, 2017 - 23:53

If you have had this experience of getting irritated at time being wasted in finalizing a dinner venue and time, wait till you can get a chatbot to do it for you. Yes, it is true; in a latest announcement emerging out of a research lab working on the artificial intelligence related technologies, Facebook has disclosed that they have made progress in this direction.

They are involved in the development of chatbots within Facebook, which can interact with other chatbots as well as humans, once they are trained to do so.

If you take a typical scenario where a Facebook friend is sending you a request to go out for lunch. You are too busy at work and ask your digital assistant to take over. The chatbot will use its intelligence to dig into your previous preferences with regard to the time and place and send out responses to your friend.

Your friend may not even know that he or she is in conversation with a chatbot. This sort of an exchange can realistically take place, but the chatbot needs to be trained properly to do these errands.

The fact is this kind of chatbot initiated conversations and negotiations are already happening. The technology, as explained by researchers, involves creating a neural network which is armed with the data related to actual negotiations held in the past and then teaching and training the chatbot to think ahead and reason out the next response while dealing with another chatbot or a human representative at the other end.

In fact, in a limited way, such programming has been attempted in games like chess where computers play against other computers. The present research is taking this capability to the next level of engaging in a two-way dialogue.

Some industries are using the bots in price negotiations and the human element is avoided. Again, these applications are at the present moment few and far between.

However, Facebook appears to be quite serious about this technology and though there may still be many months or even more, the possibility of such a feature on the social media network making an appearance is very much real.   

It could be interesting times ahead for the Facebook members.

Image: Kārlis Dambrāns

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