Looks pretty dreamy

Social Thursday, June 09, 2016 - 20:41

The Expert Committee constituted by the Government of Karnataka to restore the Bellandur and Varthur lakes inspected Varthur lake on Thursday morning, and were greeted by a sight that was quite out of this world.

Captured on video, the scene looked like a giant foam machine gone wild, with giant blobs of scummy foam flying up from the surface of the lake and floating past on the wind.

Bengalureans passing by, of course, were not entirely surprised, since similar situations have occurred at this and other lakes as well.

Members of the committee, which comprises civic authorities, government officials and environmentalists, opined that a solution to rejuvenate Bellandur cannot be taken in isolation from Varthur Lake, and any sewage diversion into Varthur could worsen the condition of the Varthur lake.

De-silting, which has featured in every list of recommendations made by environmentalists thus far, found its place in the latest set as well.

Elan Kulandaivel, who is a member of the Save Bellandur and Varthur Lakes team told The News Minute that the number of accidents on the bridge over the lake had increased in the last few days.