May be the world should end if this is going to be people’s reaction to college students dancing!

End of world Kerala Muslim girls dance in flash mob fundamentalists are losing itScreengrab
news Social Media Sunday, December 03, 2017 - 16:10

If three Muslim girls venture out on the streets and do a really cool flash mob in the middle of the road, can that cause a tsunami? Can it be a sign that the end of the world is just around the corner? Well, some people do seem to think so!

The video of three Muslim girls from Malappuram with their heads covered in veils, dancing to the popular song Jimikki Kammal at a public place, is now doing the rounds on social media.

And most people have shared it for all the wrong reasons.

Sample this: One of the first posts to publish the video online said that people were lucky there was no tsunami in Malappuram.

The post got thousands of shares and comments, before it was deleted. Many comments condemned the girls and their families, while others lamented that such people were a ‘curse to the religion.’

There were also people who said that Muslim girls "openly" dancing on the road could even mean that the end of the world was not too far away! Or, it could be a sign that they were moving away from their religion.

Here's another comment which says: "Guess there's not enough space in these girls' home to tie them down, and hence they have been left free!"

Several such comments were met with resistance from many others users, including many Muslims, who called them out on their hypocrisy. Many pointed out that these were the same people who fought to free Hadiya.

And soon, there were memes that took a dig at this apparent hypocrisy.

Meme 1:

Muslim conservative lies unconscious at a hospital.

What has led to this, you ask? He happened to watch video, says one.

Another wants to know what the terrifying video is.

"He logged on to Facebook to update a 'Free Hadiya' post and ended up watching his sister's flash mob. He then collapsed, lamenting that she has turned non-religious,” comes the reply.

Meme 2:

Sudu: The freedom to perform a flash mob is not granted to Muslim girls.

Jagdhish: Weren't these people the ones who fought saying Hadiya should be set free?

This is the reason why no one believed them!

The flash mob was part of the district health department's campaign to commemorate World AIDS Day on December 1. According to the District Medical Officer (DMO) Dr Sakeena, the girls are students of a dental college in the district, and were part of the rally conducted by the health department.

"When the students invited me to inaugurate a campaign at their college, we suggested that all of us get together and contribute to the district-level campaigns. While our rally was going from the Collector's bungalow to the Town Hall, three girl students performed a flash mob. I am taken aback at the narrow-minded comments being shared on social media about the flash mob," she said.

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