news Thursday, April 16, 2015 - 05:30
Six women employees of one of Kerala’s largest clothing stores who have been demanding better working conditions have won a victory with the management agreeing to most of their demands. Padmini, Mayadevi, Alphonsa, Rajani Dasan, Devi Ravi and Beena Sojan had been protesting for over 100 days against the working conditions at Kalyan Sarees at a showroom of the firm in Thrissur. The management has agreed to their demand for fair working conditions and have also withdrawn the order transferring them to different parts of the state. The compromise agreement assures the striking women that they will not be transferred out of Thrissur, but accommodated within a new showroom to be set up within the city. The six women had earlier alleged that they had been transferred because they were demanding better working conditions. Kalyan Sarees has said that it will pay the striking employees salaries from April 1 onwards, along with all other benefits such as PF and ESI that accrued to them throughout the strike which began in September 2014. The compromise agreement also assures them of employment within Thrissur in the event the new showroom closes down in.