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The News Minute| December 2, 2014| 10.34 am IST Aayenah Pahuja, the DD Anchor who bungled a live telecast of the International Film Festival of India in Goa a few weeks back has now turned to social media to speak out and tell her side of the story. The anchor who announced the 'Governor of India' at the event, posted a video on the Logical Indian Facebook page to explain what she is going through. Pahuja's video had gone viral and she became the butt of jokes in the media and social media. Pahuja explains that the reason for the disastrous show was that she hadn't rehearsed properly and that just before she went live, the instruction mic failed. Due to this, her producer couldn't instruct her as to who the guests were and what was happening, as she herself had no knowledge of half the guests present.  Pahuja then pleads with the viewers not to mock anyone else who might be in  a similar position and that she is going through a very tough time due to her mistake. She says she is very depressed as she has become a joke on social media and she might even have suicidal tendencies.  "Hello Logical Indian. By now you all know me as the dumb DD anchor straight from IFFI and many more things like that. Yeah it might be funny for you guys, but it is very depressing for me and I've felt suicidal lately because my career is at stake" says Pahuja.  Watch her testimonial here:  Post by The Logical Indian.