He also stole the policeman's cap and laughed all the way, seemingly unaware that he had done anything wrong.

Drunk man steals policemans bike in Ktaka rides away for a kilometre before hes caught Screenshots
news Humour Wednesday, July 12, 2017 - 12:59

A comical scene unfolded in Hassan, Karnataka, recently, and it should top every future listicle you may read on things drunk people do.

An inebriated man, seemingly convinced that he is invincible, actually thought it would be a good idea to steal a policeman’s bike.

And so he does exactly that, and to top it off, catches hold of the policeman’s cap too.

He then drives away with the bike, wearing the cap, giggling and laughing away, seemingly unaware that he has done anything wrong.

The video of the same was posted by news agency ANI. Watch it here.

The man reportedly drove for a kilometre until he was finally stopped at a signal.

He even shouted “Superstar Rajinikanth!” at one point.

Towards the end, you can see a policeman getting off his vehicle to finally intercept the drunk man, and even attempt to hold on to the back of his bike as he tries to drive away. 

The video was funny, but remember: Don't drink and drive. 

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