There is no rule or law that makes it mandatory but the police say it is social responsibility.

Drunk driving Hyderabad cops ask bar owners to hire drivers to drop customers homeImage for representation
news Drunk Driving Thursday, August 04, 2016 - 07:52

The Cyberabad police is actively considering asking all bar owners to start providing drivers that can take customers home and prevent drunken driving on the roads.

Stating that there is no rule or law that makes it mandatory the Times of India reported that the traffic police have been telling managements that it is their social responsibility to do so.

"We expect them (bar owners) to be concerned about the safety of their customers and it is assumed they are. So they have to provide drivers to customers to drive them back home in their (customers') car. Bar owners cannot afford to be indifferent for long. If an accident takes place near a bar and it is found that the culprit had consumed alcohol in it, we will even make the bar owners responsible for the crime," Cyberabad DCP traffic A K Srinivasan told TOI.

This follows another idea by the city police to implement a designated driver policy at the city’s many pubs.

In this new initiative, called “Designate a driver”, in each of group tipplers visiting a pub, one person would be chosen to drive all others home at the end of the evening. This person will then be given a wrist band that identifies them as the driver, and no alcohol would be served to him or her. At the end of the night, only the person with the band will be allowed to drive the vehicle.


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