The iPhone XR sold as much as 32% of all iPhones sold in the US in a particular period in Oct 2018, as per the report.

Driven by iPhone XR Apple is getting Android users to shift in the US Report
Atom Smartphones Friday, December 28, 2018 - 12:19

Apple has been trying to make its iPhones more broad-based in terms of the user community. The company introduced the iPhone XR with that perspective and that strategy seems to have paid off. According to a survey report emerging from the US, there has been an increase in the number of people buying iPhone XR, who were earlier users of Android phones.

No doubt, Apple is seeing a decline in its overall sales volumes across the world. There could be several reasons for this. But within the product mix that it has got currently, with the high-end iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XS, the third, the iPhone XR, appears to be doing well. Some reports suggest Apple has cut down on its production seeing the slack demand.

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIPR) is the organization that did the study and according to it, the iPhone XR sold as much as 32% of all iPhones sold in the US in a particular period in October 2018, just about a month after the release of the device. The iPhone XS and XS Max had together accounted for around 35%.

The Cupertino headquartered tech giant has it seems acknowledged that the iPhone XR sales performance is on expected lines and the marketing strategy to position a lower priced iPhone while sticking to the $1000+ rates for the top models was a deliberate one. In the US, the iPhone XR retails at $799.

The CIPR survey further points out that of the iPhone XR buyers, around 16% had switched from Android phones and the rest from other models of iPhones. Even this ratio, the report suggests is an improvement over the previous year’s conversion rate of 11% from Android and may indicate a trend.

But despite these developments, Apple would be concerned about the declining sales of iPhones overall.

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