Down with ungrateful feminists who don’t let progressive panels decide women’s awards

IMPACT’s 50 Most Influential Women awards has all-male jury? No problem
Down with ungrateful feminists who don’t let progressive panels decide women’s awards
Down with ungrateful feminists who don’t let progressive panels decide women’s awards
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If women were in the kitchen, there wouldn’t have been all this hue and cry about an all-male jury deciding on a women’s achievement award.

On March 2, exchangeformedia Group said that a “high power jury” would finalize the “ranking of 50 women who have redefined the dynamics of power and influence in the Indian Media, Advertising & Marketing domain this year”.

But these goddamn feminists, will just not let them do their work. After all, men have been looking after women in this country since time immemorial.

Coming closer to the contemporary age, we must remember that men have been running the whole country all these years, from the glorious days of independence from the British until now.

Unfortunately, if you look at the numbers, you can see that the nation has steadily been going to the dogs since the political participation of women increased. In 1991, 93% of Lok Sabha MPs were men. But that number decreased to just 89% in 2014. This makes it the most dangerous elections we have had for gender parity.

It was the same number in 1996 (93%), thanks to which, they were able to ensure that the feminists were defeated: the women’s reservation bill has never been able to get to a point where it can actually be passed.

Apart from the political sphere, men are being threatened in every thing that they have been traditionally doing for centuries, all thanks to militant feminists. Business, making movies, writing the greatest novels, breaking the biggest stories, educating the world (while the women cook for the students), sperm donation (abortion is a threat to that too).

This, even when they have been more than generous in being ok with up to 33 percent reservation, which is against everything they believe in, just to please a really miniscule bunch of feminists. If they’re guilty of anything, it’s minority appeasement.

Now, when this all-male jury has been progressive enough to have awards for the 50 most influential women in the media, advertising, and marketing (which is the natural domain for women because of their bodies which appeal to men); a bunch of ungrateful feminists want to ruin that too.

Down with the bra-burning feminists!

(FYI: While these statistics might seem alarming, men are not in danger of becoming a minority in India. Thankfully, the 2011 Census is a beacon of hope: there are still, 918 women to 1,000 men. Disaggregated figures of the states, show even better indicators. Also, until 2014, thankfully, two of three women are still doing housework with no expectations of remuneration.)

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