Rajinikanth dodges question on Jamia police violence as he promotes ‘bad cop’ movie 'Darbar'

The actor was attending a trailer launch event in Mumbai for his upcoming movie ‘Darbar’ on Monday.
Rajinikanth dodges question on Jamia police violence as he promotes ‘bad cop’ movie 'Darbar'
Rajinikanth dodges question on Jamia police violence as he promotes ‘bad cop’ movie 'Darbar'
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Superstar Rajinikanth, who is aiming a political entry in Tamil Nadu anytime soon, refused to share his thoughts on the recent incidents of violence where police entered the campuses of Jamia Millia Islamia University and Aligarh Muslim University during protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019.

The actor was in Mumbai on Monday for the trailer release of his upcoming movie Darbar. Seated on a dais with AR Murugadoss, the director of Darbar and actor Suniel Shetty and others, Rajinikanth was answering questions from the media. A reporter with Indian Express asked Rajinikanth his thoughts about the police attacking students of Jamia Millia Islamia university and Aligarh Muslim University.

Responding to her, Rajinikanth, who announced his political entry on December 31, 2017, conjured the most cliched response to the question. “This is a cinema function. I don’t want to mix politics and cinema,” he said. However as the reporter continued to insist for a response from the actor by stating that his voice is influential and what he says matters to everyone, Rajinikanth said, “I express my views in different platform.”

This is in direct contrast to the stance the actor usually takes in his movies. Those who follow his movies will know that most of them have references to his political entry and how he would be the darling of the masses and will follow the path of righteousness. Many of his movies, invariably, have a political commentary too. Ironically, Rajinikanth plays a policeman who calls himself a ‘bad cop’ in Darbar. But he chose to dodge a question on the raging issue of the day, especially concerned with the actions of the police force against the students.

In 2018, when 13 protesters were shot dead by the police in Thoothukudi, Rajinikanth had said that anti-social elements have to be crushed with an iron hand.

"Only the anti-social elements and miscreants set vehicles on fire, attacked the district collectorate and apartments housing Sterlite employees. People did not indulge in violence and they held a peaceful protest for 100 days. It is definitely the handiwork of miscreants and anti-social elements, whose numbers have increased in Tamil Nadu,” Rajinikanth said.

In 2016, he had supported demonetisation. However, in a recent meeting with reporters, the superstar expressed that economy is indeed in a bad state and that the central government must do whatever it takes to redeem it back to normal. Most recently, he brushed away rumours that he will be joining the BJP ahead of the 2021 Assembly polls in Tamil Nadu. 

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