Chandrabose's son Amal Dev told TNM that writing an open letter to the CM on social media was his last resort of reaching out to the head of the state.

Dont give my fathers killer Nisham parole Chandraboses son writes to Pinarayi
news Social Media Monday, June 05, 2017 - 15:58

Months of silence from the part of the Kerala Chief Minister has now forced a 17-year-old to take to social media to garner the CM’s attention.

Amal Dev, the son of security guard Chandrabose-who was murdered by beedi tycoon Mohammad Nisham two years ago- has written an open letter to CM Pinarayi Vijayan, after his family's repeated pleas went unanswered. 

In his letter to "Comrade" Pinarayi Vijayan, Amal has requested that the Kerala government appoint senior advocate Udayabhanu as Special Public Prosecutor in the High Court. Udhayabanu had fought the case in the lower court and secured a life imprisonment for Nisham.

The family has approached Pinarayi Vijayan twice since August last year, complaining against allegations of luxury treatment given to Nisham at the central prison. Amal has also asked the CM to ensure that Nisham does not get parole.

The murder of security guard Chandrabose at Thrissur's Shobha City in 2015 by beedi tycoon Mohammad Nisham had become a sensational case.

In 2016, Thrissur District Sessions Court found Nisham guilty of murdering Chandrabose and sentenced him for life. He has since been lodged in the Kannur Central Jail. Nisham's family then appealed in the HC. 

Amal's distressed cry 

In his letter, Amal, a diploma student, reminds Pinarayi Vijayan, how the latter had promised all help to the family when he had visited them two years back. 

"You were the party secretary then and assured us that you will support us to find justice. But you did not respond to our requests made in the past couple of months. Please help us retain the justice we were served after immense struggle," Amal writes. 

Speaking to TNM, Amal says that he was forced to take to social media, since he believes the medium would give him greater accessibility to the CM.

"We submitted a letter in August detailing our demands and a second one two weeks ago. Still we haven't got any response. I took to Facebook because I thought it would give me more visibility. For instance, the Jishnu case caught the attention of all politicians once the social media campaign became active. This is my last resort," Amal says.

Chandrabose's wife Jamanthi, who put up a brave fight to get justice for her husband and put his killer behind bars, is now worried. 

"I have been seeing so many media reports that Nisham is being given special treatment in the prison and that he is trying to get out on parole. There is even a signature campaign trying to portray him as a nice man. I am worried seeing these developments,” Jamanthi says.

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