The study also established a link between swearing and heaving a bigger vocabulary

Do you swear a lot Congratulations You are smarter than those who dontImage for representation: Pixabay
Features Language Friday, December 18, 2015 - 07:30

If you are ever given advice against swearing, don't listen to them because you are smarter than them.

A new research published in the journal Language Sciences has come out with some interesting facts that show Swearing isn't a mental crutch but a sign of verbal intelligence.

According to distractify, the study was conducted by psychologists at Marist College and the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, and they reached this conclusion by pitting two popular theories against each other.

The study said:

A folk assumption about colloquial speech is that taboo words are used because speakers cannot find better words with which to express themselves: because speakers lack vocabulary. A competing possibility is that fluency is fluency regardless of subject matter—that there is no reason to propose a difference in lexicon size and ease of access for taboo as opposed to emotionally neutral words.

The researchers gave participants 60 seconds to rattle off as many swear words as they could and then asked them to associate words with more gentler things. It was found that the ones who got out more swear words also did better at the word association, establishing a direct link with having a bigger vocabulary.

A report in The Huffington Post adds that "stated plainly, people don’t swear because they lack the words with which to express themselves. They swear because that's how they want to express themselves -- and they tend to know MORE words than people who don’t."

The study also went on to add that "We cannot help but judge others on the basis of their speech. Unfortunately, when it comes to taboo language, it is a common assumption that people who swear frequently are lazy, do not have an adequate vocabulary, lack education, or simply cannot control themselves.Speakers who use taboo words understand their general expressive content as well as nuanced distinctions that must be drawn to use slurs appropriately."

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