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The News Minute | July 16, 2014 | 06:56 pm IST Brazilian Author Paulo Coelho, famous for his work Alchemist, is all set to release his new book Adultery in India. The book that was originally written in his native language Portuguese, will now be translated in several other languages too including Korean and Bulgarian. But guess which Indian language the novel will be translated in before English. In Malayalam!  And when an ad in Malayalam by DC Books on Adultery came out, the author himself tweeted it.  Thank you! (I only know that it is my book because of my photo...) #malayalam pic.twitter.com/VowxSgJLRj — Paulo Coelho (@paulocoelho) July 16, 2014 The ad says that advance booking has begun for the book. It further says, "Paulo Coelho’s new novel Adultery is going to release in Malayalam even before in English.' No one can ignore Malayalam we say! And here is how Twitteratis reacted to the book being first published in Malayalam. @paulocoelho its malayalam,a language spoken in south india we really love you :D — ananthu (@ananthub42) July 16, 2014 @paulocoelho we malayalam people are very happy to know this...thanks @paulocoelho — salih kottappalli (@salihkotappalli) July 16, 2014 @paulocoelho haha! It says for the first time paolo coelhos book adultery is going to be printed in 'our Malayalam' before English. 😘 — Sayeda (@_Sayeda) July 16, 2014