Chandy accused Kummanam of spreading communal venom.

Do not sow poisonous seeds in the garden of god retorts Chandy to KummanamOommen Chandy/Facebook
news Social media Monday, May 09, 2016 - 08:16

Terming it as BJP propaganda, Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy took to Facebook on Sunday to defend his state against the allegations of BJP state president Kummanam Rajasekharan.

In ‘Head-on’, a debate published in The New Indian Express on Sunday, Kummanam said that the people of Kerala are frustrated with the inefficiency of the Congress and the communists. “Rapes, public lynching, falling health and educational standards, political murders, rampant child abuse, plunder of natural resources, alcoholism and drug abuse have become the hallmark of a people who once gifted the world with mathematical geniuses like Sangamagrama Madhavan and spiritual giants like Adi Sankara,” he said.

Chandy was quick to give Kummanam a lesson in history and took a poetic turn to quote Guru Nitya Chaitanya Yathi and appealed to him ‘not to sow poisonous seeds in the garden of god.’

Chandy rubbished Kummanam’s statements and said that Kerala is a state where people, irrespective of their religion and caste, have been living in harmony with each other. Drawing a historical reference to substantiate his argument, Chandy wrote on his Facebook post, “This is the land of Sri Narayana Guru. Cheraman Perumal at Kodungallur, the first mosque in the Indian sub-continent was built in the land given by a Hindu king.”

Chandy accused Kummanam of spreading communal venom regarding his statement that the communists have a history of betraying the freedom movement without hailing the motherland and always justifying pro-Pakistan calls. 

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