Srikanth wore a mask of an old wrinkled man, sporting a grey beard, and Ashwini, looked equally old and wore a salwar kameez.

Disguised as elderly couple Kidambi Srikanth Ashwini Ponnappa prank kids
news Human interest Monday, December 31, 2018 - 13:17

Kidambi Srikanth and Ashwini Ponnappa, who are currently playing the fourth season of the Premier Badminton league, visited the Garuda Badminton Academy in Hyderabad recently and scored a match with the kids. Though the duo seemed to have had fun, little did the kids know who they were sparring with. Disguised as elderly people, both Srikanth and Ashwini pulled a sweet prank on the students that left the entire court in bouts of laughter after the duo revealed their identity.

In a video that has gone viral, the Red Bull athletes can be seen disguising themselves in the attire of an elderly couple; Srikanth wearing a mask of an old wrinkled man, sporting a grey beard and Ashwini, looking equally aged and wearing a salwar kameez. After telling their audience that they are an old couple who want to score a match with the kids, Srikanth is seen having a small chit-chat with the referee, professing their love for the game and convincing him to let them play a match.

The unsuspecting kids are seen wondering how the old couple can match up to their level of energy. Srikanth and Ashwini’s opponents already look tired, waiting for the couple to warm up before starting the match. Meanwhile, the duo tease the kids for a while, Srikanth pretending to be unable to bend down because of back ache and Ashwini, intentionally missing a few hits, making the crowd feel more uneasy.

As the kids are seen losing interest, Ashwini, who until then pretends to be an old feeble lady, delivers a smash hit, as the court breaks into applause. The elderly couple begin to score hit after hit, leaving their opponents gasping for breath. As the audience begins cheering for the couple, Srikanth and Ashwini pull their masks off, leaving the entire court in bewilderment.

The video received great response after Srikanth posted it on his Twitter on Sunday. People have applauded not just Srikanth and Ashwini’s skill at the game but also their acting. While some have called it a rip off of the 2018 American sports comedy film Uncle Drew, others have called it a sweet prank and an inspiring way to get the young crowd on to the courts.

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