Everything you wanted to know about Dileep but were too embarrassed to ask, the Malayalam media version.

Dileeps eating upma killing mosquitoes A list of mind-boggling stuff reported on the actor
news Social Media Sunday, July 16, 2017 - 17:21

What did Dileep eat for breakfast? What pooja did prime accused Pulsar Suni's family perform? 

For days now, the Malayalam media can't seem to get enough of the Dileep story. And while some voices may murmur that they're going overboard, the enthusiasm to report every little juicy tidbit has hardly diminished. 

And when we say every little tidbit, we do mean it. Check out these mind-boggling instances if you don’t believe us:

1.       It’s Sarpapooja power to prime accused Pulsar Suni’s rescue. According to Manorama, Pulsar Suni’s family has been doing the pooja for a week now. And, surprise surprise, Dileep was arrested on the very first day. Now that’s a powerful pooja suggests Manorama.

2.       But Dileep’s family and well-wishers aren't willing to throw in the towel just yet. In fact, they’ve got a rival pooja too. After a Shatrusamhara pooja against enemies, the Malayalam media dutifully reported that Dileep’s wife Kavya Madhavan and her family did a pooja with a golden pot at the Taliparamba temple.


3.       But horror of horrors, Dileep did not even eat dinner on Saturday! Mangalam took pains to report that Dileep had to miss dinner as he was brought back to the jail after 5.30 pm, while dinner is served at 5pm for jail inmates.


4.       What’s more, this wasn’t even an isolated incident of deprivation. If Mangalam had Dileep’s Saturday night dinner (or lack of it) covered, Manorama took over the weekend shift, to report that Dileep missed the weekend mutton in jail too.


5.       In fact, ever since his arrest, humble Dileep has turned into a humble everyman, and is eating the very humble Upma and banana in jail, Indian Express reported.  


6.       And if much of Kerala has been living in the grip of dengue and other fevers, the Malayalam media is there to assure you that Dileep has the same everyday problems too. Marunadan Malayali, for instance, had a crucial report on how Dileep could not sleep in jail, because of mosquitoes. After he spent the night killing them, fortunately, one prisoner apparently lit a mosquito coil. Thank god!


7.       But, for Dileep’s fans, he continues to remain someone special. So, Producer Fareed’s son, admitted in hospital, saw the visuals of Dileep on TV, and smiled. The reason: he apparently thought he was watching the actor in his hit movie Two Countries. Manorama drew out this bizarre morsel directly from the producer, who professed his loyalty to Dileep.

8.       And Dileep himself remains his unworried old self, the media want you to know. According to The Times of India, Dileep has been keeping the policemen in the jail thoroughly entertained with his comic skills. Reporting that Dileep was keeping policemen, “laughing their asses off”, TOI also published a sample of his one-liners: “'I asked God to give me rest for ten days but he heard 'give me arrest for ten days.”


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