Vimal has said that the actor is a very manipulative person who tried to dent his image to the public.

Dileep helped Kanchanamala to project himself as hero RS Vimal Ennu Ninte Moideen director
news Mollywood Thursday, July 13, 2017 - 12:52

Following actor Dileep's arrest on Monday in connection with the Malayalam actor abduction and sexual assault case, Mollywood has suddenly started opening up about Dileep's "true face" on social media and TV channels.

One of them is director RS Vimal who made the superhit romantic tragedy Ennu Ninte Moideen with Prithviraj and Parvathy in lead roles. The film was his debut directorial and Vimal and the cast had come under flak after Kanchanamala, whose real life story it is, accused the director of tweaking the story to his convenience. She'd even gone to court regarding the same. 

Although the verdict came in favour of RS Vimal, his relationship with Kanchanamala with whom he'd worked closely to make his documentary Jalam Kond Murivettal was soured forever. The documentary was on the basis of which the film was eventually made. 

At the time, Dileep had donated 30 lakhs to Kanchanamala to help build a memorial for Moideen, Kanchanamala's love with whom she could never unite because of opposition to their inter-religious relationship. Dileep was hailed widely by the media and the public for his act.

However, RS Vimal has now claimed that this was a calculated move by the actor to dent the director's image in the public. Speaking to a Asianet News channel, RS Vimal said that he'd shown the documentary first to Kavya Madhavan who was excited about it and told Vimal that she would make Dileep watch it, too. 

But Dileep decided not to do the project after a film with a debut director had bombed at the box-office. Vimal says that Dileep did not communicate this with Kavya and that the latter was angry with him for not doing the project with Dileep.

“It was something that had pained us deeply then. Just as the movie started earning accolades and Prithviraj, Parvathy and I were being discussed in the media, unexpectedly Dileep entered the picture. From then, Dileep became the hero everywhere and we were criticized. I am not someone who believes on stepping on the neck of someone who has fallen down, but it is only now that I am also looking at him with a different perspective,” Vimal said.

He further alleged that Dileep had an ulterior motive in trying to help Kanchanamala - he wished to project himself as the hero, after he saw the kind of success that the film enjoyed.

“After meeting Kanchanamala, he had called me the next day. I then told him that Kanchanamala had filed a case against me and that is why we had to distance ourselves from the memorial for some time. I told Dileep that what he had done was wrong,” Vimal said.

During his legal battle with Kanchanamala, Vimal had said that someone had deliberately fed her lies about the project and that she had filed the case on their instigation. It must be noted here that Prithviraj, who eventually played the lead role in Ennu Ninte Moideen, has not been in the best terms with Dileep. Veteran actor Thilakan had, in fact, alleged that there was a conspiracy against Prithviraj to prevent his rise in Mollywood.