. “…there’s something tragic about a comedy when you laugh at it than along with it.”

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news Dilwale Saturday, December 19, 2015 - 15:45

A tame affair the movie turns out to be after all the media hype.
A mumble-jumble of the usual potpourri from the Shetty stable showcasing the SRK-Kajol pairing is what Dilwale is all about. Almost all reviews term it a dull affair despite all the glitz and glamour associated with it.

Here are a few reviews of Dilwale which happily don’t play spoilers!

Rajeev Masand terms it “…a mixed cuisine buffet …offering a little bit of everything to please just about everyone.”

A case of too many cooks spoiling the broth, huh!

The sparkling chemistry between the lead pair, Anna Vetticad rues is not enough to save the day. “…the threads used to weave the plot elements are so disparate and jumbled…the result is a bland, lifeless film.”

Ever got caught in a runner’s maze…just wondering.

Rediff's Raj Sen prefers brevity, declaring Dilwale an absolute dud…period. “…the contents are not merely un-fizzy but unforgivably flat.”

Ouch...that sure should hurt!

A Comedy of Errors is how Namrata Joshi reviews the movie. “…there’s something tragic about a comedy when you laugh at it than along with it.”

The movie has been labelled a heartless affair by the Hindustan Times. “…relies solely on the star-power of SRK and some chuckle-worthy PJs.”
 A Star Wars’ buff may prefer to invoke the Force to be with all the Dilwales out there for its ultimate success at the box-.office.

Whether the Force would prefer to take a hike is now for the audience to say!