'Didn't come here for votes': Kamal pledges 100 toilets and 3 classrooms to Adigathur

The actor-turned-politician's promises to the village include improving green cover and cleaning up the ponds.
'Didn't come here for votes': Kamal pledges 100 toilets and 3 classrooms to Adigathur
'Didn't come here for votes': Kamal pledges 100 toilets and 3 classrooms to Adigathur
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Actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan travelled to Thiruvallur on Tuesday to attend a gram sabha meeting at Adigathur, one of the 8 villages that his party, Makkal Neethi Maiyam, has 'adopted' in the state. 

The 63-year-old chief of MNM was welcomed to the village meet by a little girl with a flower garland. Addressing those gathered at the meeting, Kamal promised 100 toilets and 3 classrooms to the village, which is situated 60 kms from Chennai. 
According to a report in The Hindu, Kamal elaborated on his plans for Adigathur, saying, "We will also improve the green cover by planting more trees. We will also ensure that water bodies are restored. We are planning to organise workshops on skill development."
Kamal also promised to desilt the village ponds, revive dried up artificial ponds, and build small dams to address water scarcity in the village which is home to around 650 families, according to a Deccan Chronicle report.
The actor further disclosed that his party has drawn up a list of 50 demands they received after interacting with the villagers, The Hindu reports. 
“We will try to do what we can. People say that we cannot do what a government is capable of doing. We will show [them] that we can do it. This is why we did not adopt 12,500 villages across Tamil Nadu but only 8,” he reportedly said. 
The actor emphasised that his party was not carrying out these development works in exchange for votes. 
"We did not come here to do something and ask for votes [in return]. We will do it nevertheless. It is your [the people’s] responsibility to talk about our work in other villages,” he reportedly stated. 
Adigathur predominantly comprises of the Narikoravar and Irular communities. Addressing them, Kamal reportedly said, "“Unexpected, surprising benefits are waiting to happen in this village. I look forward to the day, soon, when I would be speaking amidst large groups of doctors, engineers, lawyers and other professionals here. The MNM volunteers will work towards this”.

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